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ASUS ProArt X570-Creator WiFi AMD Motherboard, AMD X570 Chipset, Socket AM4, DDR4 (max 128GB, 4 slots), ATX Form Factor | 90MB18Z0-M0EAY0

Model: ProArt X570-Creator
SKU: 93014
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Description for ASUS ProArt X570-Creator WiFi AMD Motherboard, AMD X570 Chipset, Socket AM4, DDR4 (max 128GB, 4 slots), ATX Form Factor | 90MB18Z0-M0EAY0

ProArt X570-Creator WiFi perfects the art of performance, empowering creativity and maximizing the computing power of the latest AMD Ryzen™ processors with powerful hardware and software, efficient cooling and lightning-fast connectivity, including Thunderbolt™ 4, 10 Gb and 2.5 Gb onboard Ethernet, and WiFi 6E.

Extensive Connectivity

A comprehensive array of powerful I/O ports — including two Thunderbolt™ 4 ports plus 10 Gb and 2.5 Gb Ethernet ports— enables quick data transfers and extensive storage options with flexible, hassle-free connectivity.

Two Onboard Thunderbolt™ 4 USB-C

The ProArt X570-Creator WiFi motherboard features two Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports.

Each Thunderbolt 4 port delivers up to 40 Gbps of bidirectional bandwidth for the latest high-speed devices and drives. Thunderbolt 4 also supports up to two external 4K displays and extends PCIe® bandwidth to up to 32 Gbps.


WiFi 6E (Gig+)

Onboard WiFi 6E technology takes advantage of the newly available radio spectrum in the 6 GHz band, providing up to three times the bandwidth of the 5 GHz band and up to seven 160 MHz bands to deliver ultrafast networking speeds along with improved capacity and better performance in dense wireless environments.

Marvell® AQtion 10 Gbps Ethernet

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of power users and content creators, 10 Gbps onboard Ethernet provides a new level of home networking. With up to 10 times the bandwidth of standard gigabit Ethernet, streaming uncompressed 4K UHD videos or performing system backups or transferring large files is now faster than ever before.

Intel® 2.5 Gb Ethernet

The Intel 2.5 Gb Ethernet (I225-V) port provides up to a 2.5 times improvement over standard 1 Gb Ethernet connections for faster data transfers and smooth high-res video streaming.

M.2 Storage

Ultrafast Transfer Speed

Three PCIe 4.0 M.2 slot support up to 22110 and provide NVMe® SSD RAID support for an incredible performance boost. Create a RAID configuration with up to two PCIe 4.0 storage devices to enjoy the fastest data transfer speeds on the AMD Ryzen 5000 and 3000 Series desktop processors.

M.2 Q-Latch

The innovative Q-Latch makes it easy to install or remove an M.2 SSD without the need for specific tools. The design employs a simple locking mechanism to secure the drive and neatly eliminate traditional screws.

Unthrottled Performance

ProArt X570-Creator WiFi boasts an optimized power design layout and the memory performance needed to handle the prodigious power of the latest AMD Ryzen processors, enabling the most demanding multithreaded tasks such as 3D or video rendering and software compiling.

Robust Power Delivery

Teamed Power Stages

14+2 power stages combine high-side and low-side MOSFETs and drivers into a single package, delivering the power and efficiency that the latest AMD Ryzen processors demand.

Digi+ Power Control

The ASUS Digi+ voltage-regulator module (VRM) is one of the finest in the industry and ensures ultra-smooth power delivery to the CPU.

ProCool II Power Connector

The ProCool socket is built to exacting specifications to ensure flush contact with the PSU power lines, enabling lower impedance and better heat dissipation.

Chokes & Capacitors

Superior alloy chokes and durable capacitors are engineered to resist extreme temperatures, providing a higher level of performance than the industry standard.

Multi-GPU Support

ProArt X570-Creator WiFi features three PCIe 4.0 x16 slots for high-powered graphics cards, enabling enhanced performance in professional design, modeling, simulation and rendering applications.


ProArt X570-Creator WiFi supports up to 128 GB DDR4 memory across four slots. OptiMem II technology improves trace layout to significantly reduce vias and crosstalk, enhancing memory stability and compatibility while giving memory kits higher frequency margins.

Comprehensive Cooling Design

Maintaining system stability under heavy loads is of paramount importance, so ProArt X570-Creator WiFi employs passive chipset cooling with large VRM and chipset heatsinks that strike the right balance between surface area and mass. Integrated premium components and multiple fan headers are also vital design elements that provide the best foundation for content creation systems.


VRM Heatsinks

Two VRM heatsinks are placed above the MOSFETs and chokes to further increase surface area for heat dissipation.

M.2 Heatsinks

Two dedicated heatsinks keep the three M.2 SSDs at the optimal operating temperature for consistent performance and reliability.

Passive Chipset Heatsink

A dedicated chipset heatsink draws heat away to help ensure that temperatures stay within an optimal range.


Cooler by design

ProArt X570-Creator WiFi features these comprehensive cooling options:

Multiple Temperature Sources

Each header can be set to monitor and react to three user-configurable thermal sensors for workload-based cooling. All settings can be easily managed by Fan Xpert 4 or UEFI.

4-pin PWM/DC Fan

Every onboard header supports auto-detection of PWM or DC fans.

Dual Pump Headers

A dedicated header supplies more than 3 amps for high-performance PWM/DC water pumps, and there’s a second dedicated header for all-in-one CPU coolers.

Perfect for Content Creation

ProArt exclusive software utilities deliver intuitive system monitoring, audio and networking enhancements that enable a smoother workflow.

Industry-Leading Security

Advanced security management functions from ASUS Control Center Express protects the system and confidential data.

USB Port Management

Enable or disable the USB port or set it to Read Only to prevent data leaks.

Software Blacklist

For added security, a software blacklist is available to help prevent the use of high-risk applications.

Registry Editor On/Off

Remotely disable the Registry Editor on client devices to prevent unauthorized changes to system configurations.

ProArt Creator Hub

A user-friendly interface helps enhance workflows via a central system that allows monitoring and control of all connected ProArt Series products, including motherboards and displays.

1. Fan Mode - Select the preferred fan setting to quickly configure the system’s cooling performance.

2. Task Group - Applications that are frequently used together can be arranged into groups and launched with a single click.


Network-optimization software allows users to prioritize applications in order to allocate more bandwidth to speed up essential apps and tasks.

1. Adaptive Intelligence Mode - This software intelligently prioritizes bandwidth for heavy-use applications by analyzing usage patterns and identifying those currently in-use, applying foreground acceleration to ensure smoother online experiences when multitasking.

2. Creation First Mode - Allocate more bandwidth to active content-creation applications to optimize network traffic for more efficient workflows.

Two-Way AI Noise Cancellation

The ProArt X570-Creator WiFi motherboard features Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation.

As working from home becomes the new normal, clear online communication is more critical than ever. Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation is an audio utility that leverages a massive deep-learning database to reduce background noise from the microphone* and incoming audio. Distracting keyboard clatter, mouse clicks and other ambient noises are smartly pared back so users can hear and be heard with crystal clarity.

*An audio splitter (3.5 mm audio jack Y-cable) is necessary when using a 3.5 mm headset.

Trusted Stability

ProArt X570-Creator WiFi is engineered and rigorously tested to offer superior quality, stability and compatibility to ensure that it empowers creativity for years to come.

Main Features

  • AM4 socket: Ready for AMD Ryzen 5000 Series / 5000 G-Series / 4000 G-Series / 3000 Series / 3000 G-Series / 2000 Series / 2000 G-Series CPUs
  • Robust performance: 14+2 power stages, ProCool II power connector, high-quality alloy chokes and durable capacitors
  • Comprehensive thermal design: Massive VRM heatsink, passive chipset heatsink and M.2 aluminum heatsinks
  • Extensive connectivity: Dual Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports, 10 Gb & 2.5 Gb onboard Ethernet, WiFi 6E, three PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots and USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports
  • Advanced security: USB port management, software blacklisting and Regedit on/off controls via ASUS Control Center Express
  • ProArt gives you more: Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation for clear online communication, and ProArt Creator Hub with CreationFirst for one-stop system control
  • Trusted stability: Tested for 24/7 operation, validated for extensive compatibility, and equipped with SafeSlot for enhanced durability
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Specifications for ASUS ProArt X570-Creator WiFi AMD Motherboard, AMD X570 Chipset, Socket AM4, DDR4 (max 128GB, 4 slots), ATX Form Factor | 90MB18Z0-M0EAY0

  • ProArt X570-Creator
Microless SKU
  • 93014
Best Sellers Rank
Date first available
  • 14 October, 2021
Shipping Weight
  • 2.40 Kg
Shipping Dimensions
  • 8.00 cm x 34.50 cm x 27.51 cm
  • AMD X570
Form Factor
  • ATX
M.2 Slots
  • 4
Maximum Memory
  • 128 GB
Memory Slots
  • 4
Memory Speed
  • 5000
Memory Type
  • DDR4
Multi-GPU Support
  • No Support
PCI Express x16
  • 4
  • AM4

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